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Velo Volt Bike Rentals Limited Rental Agreement

VELO VOLT Bike Rentals Limited, E-Bike & Fravel Bike Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement:

This E-Bicycle & Gravel Bike Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the Terms and Conditions for your electric bicycle and/or gravel bike rental and is to be read in conjunction with the online booking form used to reserve the Bicycle (as defined herein). This Agreement is between the bicycle renter (“Renter”) and VELO VOLT Bike Rentals Limited (“VELO VOLT”) and covers the rental of the electric bicycle bicycle and/or gravel bike and any related equipment and accessories such as tires, lights, rack, lock, helmet, safety gear, and related miscellaneous gear (“Bicycle”).

Rental Fees: 

From the time identified on this Agreement until the Bicycle is returned, Renter agrees to pay the hourly, daily or multi- day rates as indicated on the Renter’s online booking. The minimum charge is 4 hours. Renter agrees to pay all charges for miscellaneous service and all sales, use, rental and excise taxes including any applicable tax-related surcharges. Renter also agrees to pay a reasonable fee for cleaning the Bicycle if the Bicycle is returned with excessive stains, dirt or debris attributable to Renter’s use.  Renter further agrees to pay a late charge of $25/hour for every additional hour or part of an hour that the Bicycle is late being returned.  VELO VOLT will have sole discretion to determine at what point the Bicycle will be considered lost or stolen rather than late, at which time the Renter’s credit card will be charged the full replacement cost of the Bicycle.

Rental Process: 

The Renter and each participant who will be using the Bicycle will be required to sign a waiver before receiving the bike, in person, at the time of pick up. At the time of signing the waiver, the Renter and each participant who will be using the Bicycle will be required to provide photo identification confirming that they are over 18 years of age.  There will be a safety run-through and training to use the Bicycle once the waiver is signed. E-bike helmet, bike lock, and bike lights are provided to all participants.  

Payment and Damage Deposit:

Payment for the Bicycle needs to be done in advance online via credit card at the time of booking. A further damage deposit is required for each Bicycle upon receipt of the bike. This will be a hold on the credit card used at the time of booking of $100 per bike, that will be released upon the return of the bike.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations made prior to 48 hours of booking will be refunded 50% or can be moved one-time based on availability of inventory. Within 48 hours of reservation there is no refund. Please plan accordingly.

Credit Reserve and Payment by credit card only: 

Renter understands that Renter must pay in full an amount (to be used against the final bill) equal to the estimated total charge for the Bicycle rental at the rates indicated on the website and confirmed over the phone and via email at the time of booking VELO VOLT only accepts payment by credit card. Renter specifically agrees and authorizes VELO VOLT to charge Renter’s credit card any amounts due from Renter, determined in VELO VOLT’s sole and reasonable discretion, resulting from the Bicycle rental, including but not limited to rental charges, late fees, and/or charges for loss or damage to the Bicycle beyond normal wear and tear. Renter understands that the pre-payment charges are not final and are subject to increase upon inspection of the returned Bicycle. 

Bicycle Return: 

Renter agrees to return the Bicycle to VELO VOLT Bike Rentals Limited in the same condition as received, except for ordinary wear and tear (which does not include flat tires), on the due date and time and at the location specified by VELO VOLT. Renter agrees to return the Bicycle sooner if so demanded by VELO VOLT. Renter understands that there may be late or additional charges if Renter returns the Bicycle at a different time, date, or location than indicated by VELO VOLT.

Prohibited Use of the Bicycle: 

No trail use! Renter will not use or permit the Bicycle to be used for hire, to be operated in a test, race or contest or in any location that operation would be illegal or a nuisance to others. Renter will not use or permit the Bicycle to be used for an illegal purpose. A violation of this paragraph automatically terminates the rental and makes Renter liable to VELO VOLT Bike Rentals Limited for any penalties, fines, forfeitures, liens, recovery and storage costs, and any related legal expenses associated with a violation of this paragraph including but not limited to legal costs on a solicitor and client basis.

Damage or Loss of Bicycle: 

Renter shall pay VELO VOLT Bike Rentals Limited for all losses and/or damage to the Bicycle, including theft or vandalism, regardless of fault. If the Bicycle is damaged, Renter agrees to pay the reasonable costs of repair and diminution in value as determined in the sole discretion of VELO VOLT. If the Bicycle is damaged beyond reasonable repair (as determined by VELO VOLT), Renter shall be responsible for the retail fair market value/replacement cost less any salvage value, if applicable. In addition, Renter shall also be responsible for the loss of use, administrative fees, as determined by VELO VOLT or specified by law, plus any towing, pick-up and/or storage charges. In the event of complete loss or theft of the Bicycle, Renter shall be responsible for paying loss of use at the daily rate for each 24 hours Renter delays in paying the total loss once assessed by VELO VOLT. 

Renter is also responsible for any loss suffered by VELO VOLT arising out of Renter’s rental of the Bicycle, including but not limited to:(1) abuse of the Bicycle or violation of any prohibited use or operation as specified in this Agreement or by law; (2) reckless riding; (3) riding while impaired, including but not limited to riding while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any controlled substance; 4) failing to promptly report any accident, injury or loss to the police and VELO VOLT; (5) failing to complete an accident report in accordance with VELO VOLT procedures; (6) obtaining the Bicycle rental through fraud or misrepresentation; or (7) using the Bicycle for an illegal purpose. 

Renter specifically authorizes VELO VOLT to collect from any responsible third party any applicable losses and/or damage, on behalf of and to the credit of Renter. In the event VELO VOLT obtains a recovery from a third party after Renter has paid VELO VOLT for all or part of any loss, VELO VOLT will refund to Renter any excess recovered above the amount of the loss plus administrative fees and other incurred collection costs of enforcement, including legal fees.

Injury to Person(s) or Property:

VELO VOLT will bear no responsibility for damage to person(s) or property arising from use of the Bicycle by the Renter and/or any other user of the Bicycle, whether such other user is authorized by the Renter or not.

Renter and all users of the Bicycle will be required to sign VELO VOLT’s standard form of waiver and indemnity (“Waiver and Indemnity”) at the time of Bicycle pick-up.  The Waiver and Indemnity will include important details regarding the Renter’s liability for injury to self, others and/or property, including but not limited to damage to the Bicycle, and should be read with care by the Renter prior to signing.  A copy of the Waiver and Indemnity form is available on the VELO VOLT website for review by the Renter prior to booking.

Alcohol and Drug Use:

It is expressly understood by the Renter that use of the Bicycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, whether legal or not, is at the sole risk of the Renter and Bicycle user.  While VELO VOLT may provide suggested touring routes which may include winery and/or cidery locations, the Renter bears sole responsibility for ensuring that their use of the Bicycle is not impaired by alcohol or drugs and will indemnify and hold harmless VELO VOLT for any injury to person(s) or property, damages or claims arising out of the Renter and Bicycle user’s rental and use of the Bicycle.

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